I’m a commercial and editorial photographer with a special passion for portraiture. For me, the best part of photography is the people. From a CEO to a poet, a chef to a surfer, every shoot is an opportunity to capture a uniquely complex person. I can’t try every career or be an expert in every field, but my job gives me the chance to get inside their head.

I take a craftsman’s approach to photography. Maybe it’s because I come from a family of engineers, but I’ve always believed in using the right tools to get the job done. Thats why I prefer to take a more “lean” approach to production, because a smaller efficient crew allows for a more hands on approach. You’ll see my artistic side in the finished photos, but the everyday work is all about having solutions at the ready to bring your story to life. I believe everyone has the ability to express themselves through a photo, and it’s my job to bring that to life with the right lighting, environment, often scrappy know how and relaxed attitude on set. If there’s such a thing as a “workman” photographer, that would be me.

My bag is always packed and ready to head to the next shoot. The projects that make me happiest are the ones where I have the chance to meet someone interesting and learn something new - luckily, I’m constantly fascinated by people and their diverse, distinct stories. I always strive to make a shoot an experience the subject will remember fondly, in addition to finding the perfect shot. If you have a story to tell (and everyone does), I’d love to get to know you.

Feel free to message me directly at [email protected] or fill out the form below.


Featured on the Communications Art Shortlist 2019 and merit award at United Adworkers MKE99 2018

Winner of MKE Lifestyle 2019 “Best of Milwaukee” for local photographer.

Work has been featured in Chicago Tribune, Edible Milwaukee, MKE Lifestyle Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, Taste of Home, and VISIT Milwaukee.

Past clients Include: 

Arte Para Todos • BRP •BVK • Cramer-Krasselt • Fromm Pet Food •Funjet Vacations •Guitars 4 Vets • Harley Davidson Museum • Hatched Bakery • Iron Horse Hotel • Islands of Brilliance • Jigsaw LLC • Kohler Co. • Levy’s Leather • Marriott Hotels International • The Mark Travel Corporation • Milwaukee Magazine • MKE Lifestyle Magazine • Nelson Schmidt • Olmsted Medical Center • Sculpture Milwaukee • Serve Marketing • Traction Factory • United Adworkers • Wahl Pro •Water Street Creative • Wisconsin LGBT Chamber • Yamaha (Musical Instruments Division) • 

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