Will you take my picture?

I often hear people say "oh, I'm not very photogenic"... which is a total lie and I'll be sure to get into that in a later post... but when I hear that I usually laugh and reply "well, thats why I am on this side of the camera" But in truth I love getting my photo taken and my favorite is when people take shots of me working at shoots.

BTS photography (Behind The Scenes) is one of my favorite ways to share what I am working on. I also use it as an indicator to if the rest of the room is having as much fun as the subject and I are.... because if they are snapchatting its usually to brag that they don't "have to work" because some guys with a camera took over their desk space.  

Fact is I am a social media whore, I love Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, even Facebook (most days) and seeing people post photos from our shoot let me know that I am doing something right.... because lets be real, we don't like posting shots of us bored at the DMV, we more often share posts of us having fun to show off to all our friends how much fun we are having... nothing wrong with that :P 

So yes, if you are at a shoot, or see me floating around an event space, snap a pic and tag me in it... I'm often times standing on something or contorted in a weird position (bonus points if to catch me drinking a coffee) and its fun to see the environment from your perspective.

More importantly, if you want me to take your picture just ask... Email [email protected], but I've been getting better at reading my messages on Instagram too :)